About Art Tawanghar

An accomplished and fearless composer, with a fine ear for authenticity, melody, and unique instrumental pairings, Art Tawanghar boasts an ever-growing network of creative connections, and a catalogue of originality that continuously seeks to raise the bar of what’s possible in music. 

With over seven years of releases to his name, crossing the borders of genres and continents alike, Art’s catalogue proves one of the most eclectic and extensive of its nature.  

Stylishly uniting organic musicianship with a boldly comprehensive approach to electronic production, featuring layers of voice, synth, oboe, harp, and plenty of the lesser frequented instruments of our time, Art’s music promises to engage with and entertain listeners in consistently refreshing ways. 

The Persian-American artist brings a level of creative freedom to modern production that far exceeds the reach of any single style or intention. With that, a clear degree of purpose resounds through each composition. From the embrace of hypnotic escapism, to healing music at 432Hz, to remixes, collaborations, and the literal lyrical expression of broadly streamed singles, Art’s music transcends the simplicity of song and offers a world of audio experience. 

Offering complex melodic progressions and intricate, pristinely crafted sound-design, the San-Diego-based composer creates music from a place of passion and curiosity combined. With ten full-length albums released and many millions of streams on SoundCloud and Spotify, Art’s name and reputation precede him.  

Forever promising some new artistic approach and refreshing level of audio immersion, with elements of New Age, World, EDM, Jazz Fusion, Binaural Beats and Contemporary Pop often intertwined as one, the award-winning and Billboard chart-topping musician and producer injects an inspiring degree of focus, skill, and soul into modern music. Throughout vastly cinematic soundscapes and minimalist, ambient arrangements alike, his unparalleled attention to detail proves hugely compelling.  

Celebrating the power and brightness of uninhibited cultural influences, with both the dedication of an independent and the strength of a label – Major Hit Records (MHR) - to support a boundless collection of original works, Art’s repertoire proves a timeless and spiritually profound gathering of originality and depth.