Because of your love I have lost my sobriety I am intoxicated by the madness of love” - Rumi

English Translation

One morning I will leave myself 
Silently leave with my own inner Sufi 
I will leave, and become a drunken 
Bottoms up, and make all impossible possible 
Not worry about anybody, and be like the ocean 
be the most drunken person in the entire world 
Be so drunk, that I forget all my pains 
And leave this world, while drunken 

"Saghi*", I have no strength, poor me some more.. 
Don't give a damn to all worries in both worlds, just poor some more and more.. 
Complain as much as you wish 
The entire city has to get used to my Divineholic ( alcholic ) like me!

That intersection where divinity and romance meet has always played a huge part in music. Finding true romance can feel like the closest thing on Earth to the divine. Belinda Carlisle famously sang about how heaven is a place on Earth, in a song of the same name, and is just one example of how heaven and romance can sometimes become nearly indistinguishable. With “Divine Addiction,” Art Tawanghar beautifully continues the exploration of this spiritual paradox.” - Dan MacIntosh

Skope Magazine

Shahin Rashidi


World/Middle Eastern/EDM/Folk/Electronics/DownTempo/Trap/
Chillout/New Age/Jazz Fusion

Composer/Singer/Producer, live instrumentation, and a variety of wide-ranging cultural influences when crafting his uniquely relaxing and soul-searching sound. After releasing many singles in previous years, Shahin releases his first album “No Sorrow” in 2020 in collaboration with Majorhitrecords Inc. USA. The album is a mixture of Folk, Modern and Electronic music. Live Performance: Shahin Rashidi often performed live in support of his singles. He has the experience of working with different singers all around the world as a composer, arranger and producer. Accomplishments and Achievements: 2016 song “Baroon” Written and composed by Shahin Rashidi and originally sang by Melanie, was performed in one of the most famous Iranian TV show “Stage” and was recognized by the judges of the show. 2014 Fajr International Film Festival Award for Best Film Music 2018 Paniz Festival Award for the best film soundtrack, sound designing and sound engineering 2015 International Film Festival for Children and Youth Award for the best film soundtrack, sound designing and sound engineering

Farsi Lyrics By: Jaber Nouri

صبح یک روز من از پیش خودم خواهم رفت 
بی خبر با دل درویش خودم خواهم رفت 
می روم تا در میخانه کمی مست کنم 
جرعه بالا بزنم آنچه نبایست کنم 
بی خیال همه کس باشم و دریا باشم 
دائم الخمر ترین آدم دنیا با شم 
آنقدر مست که اندوه جهانم برود 
استکان روی لبم باشد و جانم برود 
ساقیا! در بدنم نیست توان ،جام بده 
گور بابای غم هردو جهان، جام بده 
برود هرکه دلش خواست شکایت بکند 
شهر باید به من الکلی عادت بکند

Art Tawanghar


Is an award-winning and Billboard charting composer, musician and multi-genre producer, who combines electronic production, live instrumentation, and a variety of Western and Eastern cultural influences to craft his uniquely relaxing and soul-searching sounds. Tawanghar released his spiritually searching album “Soul of the Earth” in 2016. 

A year later he dropped “Buddha Lounge”, the instrumental album charted on Billboard #1 for 13+ weeks in the New Age Chart. This was followed by “Buddha Lounge 2” which won many accolades, and was also considered for the 61st Grammy Awards. 

June 2019 sees Art Tawanghar raise the bar even higher, with the releases of “Buddha Lounge 3 Chill – New Age California” – containing 7 deeply meditative and life-affirming songs. Everything within its leaps and bounds is quite remarkable on this album, either through pure musicality, or the immense emotional basis that Tawanghar’s arrangements thrive on. None more so than the surprising opening track