Best Practice of Uploading videos

Content upload rules and etc..

The concept behind this start with 

1. myfilename.mp4 or

2. Video Title 

3. Descriptions 

4. Tags and etc. 

Generic Research, Research & more research! 

There is no magic pills, Golden rules is: Less research = Less results! 

When it comes to youtube uploads and your content, there should be extensive research done to find out how the content uploading matches or more inlined with what goes on in the world. 


If you are uploading a video which is a Country music, Love & Separation, you should do some research to see who else (mainstream artists) is doing some similar, and considering the following things 

1. How they are pitching it 

2. What title they use 

3. Where are they pulling there traffic from, If Facebook, then look at their Facebook page and see what kind of posts they are posting to generate the traffic and etc. 

When it comes to uploading your content, it is crucial to be inline in what’s trending NOW! within that specific target and how to jump on the same trending wave while it lasts, and taking advantage of  same buzz, and use it for your content type to gain traffic and exposure on your Content. 

Once you have done your research then at this point you should have a VERY specific picture on; 

Within your content Type (genre) 

1. What is trending 

2. How is trending 

3. What are the main keywords and tags that fans are mentioning over and over and over again! 

4. How and where it is being sold! or accessed (if FREE download and etc.) 

5. What are the prime Genre being targeted. 

6. Where is the Prime target of this Trend, and where is the MOST BUZZ being created from! 

7. And What is that Mainstream artist using to interact with the feedback and how it is being kept alive and etc. 

Once you have gathered all the above key points and have a vey clear picture now it is time to get started with your content! 

1. Your filename.mp4 

Choosing a random file name and naming your project should always be inline with the Trending BUZZ, means if everybody is talking about as (#3 Above) Emotional, Love, Amazing, Country 

Your file name MUST contain same type of Keywords. 

2. Video Title, 

Based on your research you kind of know the main things that people are loving and absolutely dying over and etc. This would be your Master Prime BUZZ maker words, some that matches your content. 

Should contain 1-2 of the same keywords [Keywords][Keywords][Songname][Artistname] 

So why should you do this? 

Google Logarithm the way it works, when a user searches it uses, it’s logic to search and show on the HOT and trending keywords then moves down to the next and next and so on, so it is EXTREME important to be available on the very search phrases and why the research is so crucial! 

3. Descriptions 

Your description is very important, you want to include as many info as possible! 

This section will be your 2nd fetching provider and the more text means more keywords and more indexing to Google and other fetching portals. Links are gold so this is your opportunity to provide as much as LINKs as possible! 

This section you would be info such as 

Your Title 

Artist Name 

1st Genre 

2nd Genre 

3rd Genre or Your Niche 

Short Description if any 


and ALL your Links Make sure you INCLUDE http:// and not just www. 

Your Copyright info and other related info 

Users love to see when there is absolute data on your description. 

Survey shows that contents with Less Description have a tendency to be not found or less popular than others! 

4. Tags and etc. How to Tag your content? Click here

Tags are very important, and should be in the following format and etc. Here is where we need your complete Keyword research list and every single info that you have gathered from your research. 

Always start with; 

[Prime Genre][2nd Genre][3rd Genre][your niche][keyword1][keyword2][keyword3] and and and 

Do not put tags such as [tagename1 tagname2] no combining, every tag should be separated and live in it’s own space, combining will give you less results and not working! 

All your tags MUST be in relation to your content, and NEVER use same tags for all your content it will have no effect what so ever. Most platforms have some sort of limit on tags, so use as many as they allow! 

Branding and look and feel! 

If you are releasing a new release, you must have all your content, cover art, channel art’s, social covers, thumbnails, matching to the new release. You would focus on this and this only, you can not release a new content, while your cover arts and etc. looks the same and does not expose what you are clearly releasing and etc. 

Your content is your Product, and your artist is your brand behind it 


Coke company, releases a new product today called Coke Zero, if you notice they ONLY focus on Coke Zero, everywhere you go you see that Artwork, that concept and and and…. They never combine products which will confuse the hell out of the consumer. 

Then they give you a clear path on what they are promoting, branding and where exactly you can get it, and there believe and etc behind this whole release and etc. 

When it comes to releasing a new content and etc, there is so much advanced research and planing that should go within the work. 

You should have a clear path on: 

When you are starting your teasers, posts, and kind of start of your buzz creation 

to how long you are building you BUZZ 

When are you releasing! and how long you are keeping the BUZZ 

What results you wish yo achieve and what are your goals to achieve it! 

And so on! 

Hope this helps