8 Ways to Actually Get Heard On SoundCloud

Here is a perfect recipe on how to be successful using the most powerful tool, Soundcloud® 

Share smart. 

SoundCloud is the largest and most important online music community. They give independent artists the space they need to get…

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Use Crowdfunding to Gauge Interest for Your Idea

It seems like everyone is using crowdfunding to kick off their new business venture, be it a new coffee shop, grocery store or gadget. But there’s been significant debate about just how useful crowdfunding really is. For every successful project,…

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6 Tips to Create a Top-Notch Crowdfunding Video

One major key to crowdfunding success is by creating a good video that sells your campaign to potential donors. In fact including a video will up your chances of success to 50 percent, according to Kickstarter. You don’t need to…

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How to Tag your music correctly

Using the right keywords when tagging your music!
We tag music with helpful metadata that will aid in the discovery of your music from licensing companies and music supervisors looking for that specific track for that specific spot.  Just thought…

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Best Practice of Uploading videos

Content upload rules and etc..

The concept behind this start with 

1. myfilename.mp4 or myfilename.mov

2. Video Title 

3. Descriptions 

4. Tags and etc. 

Generic Research, Research & more research! 

There is no…

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