She is everything wins WAM Award 

Art Tawanghar - She is Everything ft. Élan Noelle​ 

Updated: 11 hours ago 

Review by Pat Joseph & Staff 

The W.A M. Awards celebrate the year’s most outstanding independent artists from around the world in multiple genres and categories. "Best…

Taliya Hafiz is a composer, songwriter, and musicologist from Cyprus 

Her songs, usually setting the listeners in a dreamy romantic mood, are imbued with gentle piano melodies, soft voice, tender poetry, and an infinite aspiration towards the attainment of ‘mong’ which in Taliya’s native Tatar language denotes sublime ‘soulfulness’…

Majorhitrecords Proudly welcomes Sahba Motallebi  

It is our absolute honor to announce MHR's collaboration with a renowned artist such as  Sahba Motallebi.


Sahba Motallebi Biography 

Mesmerizing with her command of the tar, setar and shoorangiz, Sahba Motellabli captivates audiences globally with music born from…

Morning Dew Ft. Negar Nick On Persian Kamanche In 432Hz 

Why This Project? 
Meaning of the name "Taliya" 
Derived from the Hebrew words 'tal' meaning 'dew' and Yahweh , referring to God. The name can either mean 'dew of God' or 'morning dew'. 
Why Morning Dew? 
The ancients considered dew…

How YouTube Music Promotion Works in 2020

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