How to Tag your music correctly

Using the right keywords when tagging your music!
We tag music with helpful metadata that will aid in the discovery of your music from licensing companies and music supervisors looking for that specific track for that specific spot.  Just thought I would offer some insight on proper key wording for specific genres.  Using Industry Usage keywords to describe your music can be extremely helpful.  Below is some valuable info for artists that create in the genre of Folk, Americana and Country-Folk or Bluegrass:​

Related Tags: 

Genre associated with Earthy and Organic: 

Folk, Americana, Country-Folk 

(Sub-Genres: Singer-Songwriter, Indie) 


acoustic guitar, mandolin, light acoustic piano, bright tempos, vocal background oohs and aahs and smooth whistling, fiddle, and occasional light strings. 

Rhythm and Tempo: 

BPM: 98-108 

Brightly strummed acoustic guitar. 

The rhythms are light and usually lack drums or percussion grooves. 

Light and smooth string textures 

Additional descriptors: 

Bright, Breezy, Warm, Gentle, Sunrise, Dawn, Sunset, Scenic, Acoustic, Joyful, Satisfied, Lighthearted, Carefree, Cheerful, Feel-Good, Lazy, Happy, Playful, Bouncy, Easy, Family, Home, Human, Laidback, Pulsing, Natural, Nature


Musical Development: 

The musical form usually starts with a light acoustic strumming guitar introduction that builds with more instrumentation creating full and lush textures, sometimes with light and bouncy rhythms that usually end with a sense of resolution. 

By using consistent tags and short descriptive sentences, you increase the possibilities of having your music available for the right spot.  Hope this helps!