A Heartfelt FYC letter from Grant Maloy Smith

Did you know that the Recording Academy has never given the Grammy® for Best Producer (non-classical) to a woman? 

I didn't know that, either. Literally yesterday I heard about an album that was made for a young singing…

How to create a Money making Keywords for your site!

Free Keyword Research 

"Research is formalized curiosity." – Zora Hurston

Curiosity is great to have when you start Keyword Research for your website. Which keywords would make your website appear high in search results? Which words do…


Who is REALLY going to contribute to your music crowdfunding campaign?

This article was adapted from An Artist’s Guide to Crowdfunding Domination, by Ian Anderson, M.S., (Launch and Release, 2017). The eBook teaches musicians how to get backers and crush your campaign by using six specific, actionable steps that will eliminate…


How to get verified on Twitter as a musician

Do you want to get a blue tick on your Twitter account? Twitter verification for musicians is now easier than ever, offering a great way to give your social media presence the professional look that’s sure to draw more attention…

How do I use My Artist Twitter page to Chart on Billboard®


Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts


Trending 140 

An up-to-the-minute ranking of the fastest moving songs shared on Twitter in the U.S., measured by acceleration over the past hour. Titles are ranked based on a…

8 Ways to Actually Get Heard On SoundCloud

Here is a perfect recipe on how to be successful using the most powerful tool, Soundcloud® 

Share smart. 

SoundCloud is the largest and most important online music community. They give independent artists the space they need to get…