Dear Customers and Partners, Covid-19
Majorhitrecords Community Update 

It goes without saying that everyone is facing difficult times both personally and professionally. 
We value the on-going support of our creator network at this time and hope to be able to offer at least some opportunity and collaboration in this period of uncertainty.  

Our business is adapting. Our clients, for example, are finding communication is becoming ever more important. We’re helping these clients with innovation, support, and flexible approaches. 

As we look to bring more of these projects to our community here are a few things you can do to help; 

Absolutely FREE of cost
Spotify Playlist dedicated for COVID-19 Relief intended to ease the moment and help you cope with the current situation

If you have Music which is already on Spotify and you think is perfectly suited for this cause, please register on the easy form below to get your track nominated.
What happens if you get chosen. your track will be promoted through this playlist and gain thousands of FREE streams and gaining followers.

Please do not send us Hatret or inappropriate music, it will be rejected on the fly. 
What music should I send in?
We are looking for all music with any positive and uplifting moods.

ONLY 3 Tracks Per Artist

If you are not an Artist or do not have good music, but know some really good music you wish to recommend, please free to send us using the form below


Do you have or know any music on Spotify that is Suitable for this Playlist 

Up to 3 URLs per Submission no exception  

Once selected Are you willing to spread the words through your own network? By sharing the Spotify Playlist URL on your social pages such as Twitter, Fb, and Instagram, you need to tag our FB channels such as @Covid-19-Corona-Virus-Relief-Music-Intended-to-help-you-in-time-of-crisis or Tag @freemusicpromo

Like our COVID-19 Facebook Community Page  

Q: How do I know that my music is being heard and promoted through this playlist? 

A: You can track all activities through ( your own artist dashboard ) 


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