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In his latest single “CAN SHE STAY”,  Dennis Sy and co-writer and lyricist Michael Peloso warm our hearts by creating this sweet serenade dedicated to Michael’s own daughters.  This hauntingly beautiful and bittersweet ballad relays a father’s most relatable fear of letting his child go out into the world (which most parents can relate to.)  Dennis’ vocal chords are put to work on this track, as you can hear his expressions in the melodies and lyrics. 

“Dennis alternates between steady and strong tones when the lyrics possess confidence in nostalgic reflection, and a more dramatic & emotional sound when the feelings swell and become overpowering for the father in the storyline of the narrative running through CAN SHE STAY.” 

“The emotion is powerful, clear and insightfully well-woven into this tale, the imagery is clear and the story comes alive in a classic songwriter’s style.” 

“That kind of storyteller’s gift is a real part of the magic of this particular single from Sy, and definitely every indication of an artist that’s sharply focused and dedicated completely to the craft of songwriting.” 

“One day…I tell ya…there’s going to be a father that chooses to either walk his daughter officially down the aisle to this song or set this melody as the background to the traditional father-daughter dance…and very shortly after that, singer/songwriter Dennis Sy is going to answer for an entire flood of tears.

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