Distorted Time Maxi Single

Art Tawanghar

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The song infuses world instruments from Turkey, Persia, and India and combines standard, jazz, pentatonic, and non-standard semi-tone scales.  Our hope is that this 3- minute track will bring you back to your roots, cause you to pause and take a deep breath, and help you to shine your light on all that is real and true within yourself. We hope you enjoy this track and thank you for supporting our project!

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We live in a world where humans strive to accomplish more and more tasks in a shorter amount of time.  Sometimes it just feels like time is “flying by.” Albert Einstein explored this, and theorized that the world around us is actually speeding up gradually. Side effects of this stretching and bending of time cause many of the issues we face in our day-to-day lives.  Distorted Time is a musical reflection of this process. 


Art Tawanghar’s latest musical gem grew out of his collaboration with composer Ruth Weber.  The two wanted to create a never-been-done before duet for the Oboe and Duduk.  Tawanghar “distorted “ the original four-four meter of Weber’s beautiful classical melody and melded in elements of jazz and middle-eastern music to create this wonderful hybrid.  The warm romantic tones played by oboist Emilia Lopez-Yañez are sure to weave their way into your heart. Art's Official Soundcloud Page


Emilia Lopez-Yañez is an up-and-coming artist already sharing her music on the international stage.  After graduating with a degree in Oboe and Voice from Chapman University, she performs on both instruments at concerts and festivals while completing her Masters degree in music at USC.  Emilia's Official Website