Dust Bowl

Grant Maloy Smith

Including Bonus Track Old Black Roller (reprise)

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  1. 1 Old Black Roller 03:09 Lyrics
  2. 2 Lily of the Valley 03:08 Lyrics
  3. 3 So Far Away 02:51 Lyrics
  4. 4 Ride That Train 04:09 Lyrics
  5. 5 Isht a Lhampko - Have Strength 04:17 Lyrics
  6. 6 Me Time 02:36 Lyrics
  7. 7 Pushing Back the Wind 03:17 Lyrics
  8. 8 Never Seen the Rain 03:29 Lyrics
  9. 9 All The Long Way 03:35 Lyrics
  10. 10 I Come From America 02:48 Lyrics
  11. 11 Daddy, If You Have To Go 03:36 Lyrics
  12. 12 And the Rain Comes Down 04:40 Lyrics
  13. 13 Old Black Roller (reprise) 03:04 Info

Grant Maloy Smith Talks About The Album

"In early 2014 I wrote a song called "Never Seen The Rain," with the idea to make a song about a drought. I remembered a little bit about the Dust Bowl from high school, and Steinbeck’s brilliant The Grapes of Wrath. So I started researching. Hours turned into days. I was fascinated by the history. Besides being the greatest environmental disaster in American history, it also led to heroes of mine like like Woody Guthrie spreading roots music far and wide. Proud farmers and regular folk lost everything. The Great Depression made matters immeasurably worse. Native peoples like the Choctaw suffered, too - as they had 100 years earlier during the Trail of Tears. There were so many intersections of fate. Red Oklahoma dirt tinged the snow that fell on east coast cities like New York and Boston. The whole continent was affected. But if the environment is the central character, the stories are ultimately personal ones. Taken together, the songs spell out an arc from the pastoral beginning, when wheat prices were high and times were good, through the darkest days of suffering and struggle, and ultimately to redemption - when finally the rain came down.  Dust Bowl has been a labor of love for most of three years now. As much as I created these songs, they have changed me, too. I truly hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.” 
~ Grant Maloy Smith




Grant Maloy Smith: “DUST BOWL – AMERICAN STORIES” – the undeniable link between music, people and nature”

jamsphere magazine

About Grant Maloy Smith

Grant Maloy Smith: “DUST BOWL – AMERICAN STORIES” squeezes every bit of emotion out of the lyrics”


Hailing originally from the Florida panhandle, Grant Maloy Smith is an American Roots Singer-Songwriter with a country bent. His latest album DUST BOWL - AMERICAN STORIES, is earning rave reviews, like this one from NO DEPRESSION, the bible of American Roots music: 

“A Heartland masterpiece … Lyrics and music as potent as Woody Guthrie … Bound to become a classic … Sent chills down my spine … Grant’s ability to capture the heartland with his music is amazing … this is Grant Maloy Smith at his cleverest … a reminder of the darker period of Bob Dylan -- and it’s that good, that memorable …" 
~ John Apice, No Depression Magazine 
Grant is a member of the Recording Academy (the Grammys®), the CMA, the AMA, and is a BMI-affiliated recording artist.





Grant Maloy Smith: “DUST BOWL – AMERICAN STORIES” – musical snapshots of real life”

soundlooks magazine


Philadelphia Songwriters Project 2017 
Grant was selected as a finalist in this contest, and brought in to perform his songs at the Ardmore Music Hall near Philadelphia, on May 21, 2017 
Winning Song - I Come From America

Indie Music Channel Awards 2016 
Grant won two awards and also performed one of his award-winning songs at the Clive Davis Theatre at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, accompanied by Rocio Marron, violinist from The Voice and American Idol. Best Folk Artist - Your Fire Best American Roots Song
- Old Black Roller

59th Grammy® Awards 
Grant was an associate producer on the Grammy® winning album, Presidential Suite by Ted Nash and his big band, awarded on February 12, 2017 


Indie Music Channel Awards 2017 
For the second year in a row, Grant received multiple nominations in these Hollywood awards, and was asked to perform at the awards show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. He walked away with the trophy for the Best Male Americana Artist

Voting Member of NARAS (The Grammys® 
CMA ( Country Music Association); 
AMA (The Americana Music Association); 
NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) 
RISA (Rhode Island Songwriters Association) 
NYSC (New York Songwriters Collective) 
A BMI artist

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Americana, Country-Folk , American Roots, Country Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic, Folk, Bluegrass Instrumentation:  Acoustic guitar, mandolin, light acoustic piano, bright tempos, male vocals, harmony vocals, three-part harmony, fiddle, violin, accordion, dobro, steel guitar, pedal steel guitar   Rhythm and Tempo:  BPM: 80-120  Bright, Breezy, Warm, Gentle, Sunrise, Dawn, Sunset, Scenic, Acoustic, Joyful, Satisfied, Lighthearted, Carefree, Cheerful, Feel-Good, Lazy, Happy, Playful, Bouncy, Easy, Family, Home, Human, Laidback, Pulsing, Natural, Nature, Dust Bowl, Great Plains, Midwest, Southern, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Choctaw, Cherokee, Native American, Muskogee Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw

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Grant Maloy Smith 
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