We are Infected and why this project?

Americans check their cellphones or mobile devices over 9 billion times per day; 50% also check their phones in the middle of the night. Technologies are quickly changing the way we deal with our emotions and how we interact with others. Amassing "likes" and receiving validation online has become more important than actual interactions with real human beings. The convenience of having a computer in our pocket 24/7 has radically changed how we interact with the world, and the grand experiment is changing how we feel about ourselves and others. We are infected is yet another voice / light on this issue raising consciousness towards using technology more responsibly; not as a pacifier, but as a way to actually better ourselves.


Known for her musical works as a Humanitarian and healer, Elise Lebec has been at the forefront of merging cultures for her emotive career in music. Starting from the age of 18 as a professional pianist, singer and songwriter Elise signed her first record deal in Sydney, Australia. Her second record deal was signed in London where she performed and wrote with many famous artists both American and British. Following the success of an EP and tour she went to back to the USA to do her solo piano albums both ranking number 1 on Sirus FM and other World charts. In the last three years Elise Lebec found a way to blend arabic with western melodies and arrangements making not only two albums but creating a bridge of communication between men and women from the western and Muslim cultures. Creating projects that define and honor all religions and faiths. Elise likes to work with all genres and cultures. Anything pertaining to humanity is worth spending time and energy on.

For more information please visit https://eliselebec.com/

we are all infected, everybody is on their phones


New age/World musician/composer Art Tawanghar combined electronic production, live instrumentation, and a variety of wide-ranging cultural influences when crafting his uniquely relaxing and soul-searching sound. Working independently as well as with the Majorhit label, Tawanghar released his spiritually searching album Soul of the Earth in 2016. He followed the next year with Buddha Lounge, an instrumental album that fused mellow beats and synthesizer tones with meticulously arranged parts for harp, oboe, and other instruments less commonly implemented in electronic production. Upon its release, the album ranked in Billboard's chart for Top Independent Albums. Tawanghar often performed live in support of both albums.
~ Fred Thomas, Rovi