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60th Grammy 

Dancing In The Rain

Is a Pop song inspired by Disney's music. 
The animated video is focused on how children can teach us with their sensitivity and their imagination.  
Sometimes society censors or judges them without realizing the damage (frustration) they can cause to their future. 

The intent of this project is to give a positive message to the entire world that it's never too late to pursue our dreams! 

The violinist Javier Casalla, has played with Luciano Pavarotti and Gustavo Santaolalla (two-time Oscar winner). 
The mixing engineer Matthew Sim, who has worked with Big Sean, J. Cole, Usher, Frank Ocean, Bon Jovi, Keith Richards...  
The mastering was done by Alex Psaroudakis at Sterling Sound NY.  
The vocal recording was done at the Krematorium Studios by Michael Ashby who has worked with Cardi B, Latoya Jackson, B. Howard.

Billboard #1

Billboard #1



Melissa B.

 An American recording artist, songwriter, and 
a rising star in the global music scene. Her music is energet-ic and international, blending the best of the Gritty Glam Pop, Club, and even that classic live band feeling. A technical engi-neer by day, Melissa is a powerhouse singer and actress with an undeniable talent for crafting melodic, catchy pop songs. Introduced to the industry from a young age, Melissa’s style has evolved to be interchangeable; she can successfully repre-sent any genre of music and bring to you a versatile artist. Her creative strengths sprung from a bloodline of musical talents including her Aunt, Grammy Award-winning singer, and multiple ASCAP & BMI Award-winning songwriter, Dawnn Lewis. Expect big things to come from this pint- size beauty with the big voice. Melissa's fans, or G.E.M.S, mean the world to her!

Juan Cristiani

A Composer and a Music Producer. 
He’s a scholarship recipient and graduate of SAE NY (School of Audio Engineering), with additional experience in Digital Filmmaking and Cinematography through NYU. 
His music is represented by a major Hollywood Production Label: Chroma Music He has experience working with Grammy Award Winners such as Paul J. Falcone, James Cruz, and Gustavo “Pichón” Dal Pont. He has also collaborated with renowned producers and musicians like Javier Casalla, Juanse (Ratones Paranoicos), Alejandro Lerner, Charly Garcia.


Juan Cristiani
Phone: +59899294265 
Address: Manuel Pagola 3335/503 
 City: Montevideo Country: Uruguay  Zip:11300 

Dancing In The Rain – Album Credits 
Produced by Juan Cristiani 
Song  written by Juan Cristiani & Melissa B. 

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Dancing in the Rain - Pop 
Dancing in the rain. 
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Genre: POP 
Sub Genre: Adult Contemporary 
Niche: Inspirational POP 
Microniche: Motivational pop 
Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Synth, Keyboards,
Classical Piano, Violins Drums/Program 

Rhythm & Tempo: Upbeat 
Descriptors: minor key, uptempo, inspirational lyrics 
Musical Development: sonically blends modern synths & keyboards along with 
acoustic guitars and atmospheric electrics with live & programmed drum sounds 
Additional descriptors: inspirational, positive, joyful, acoustic, rhythmic, meaningful, deep, 
introspective, feel-good, sharing & caring, underdog, healthy, winning, persistent, paying it forward, 
love, inner strength, community, braveheart, romantic, heartfelt, encouraging, beautiful, state of mind, 
spiritual, poetic, disney, freedom, motivated, open hearted, oneness, playful, radiant, tickled, kids, 
teach, unique, uplift, valuable, victory, worthy, young, youth, zest,