The vision of Sanctuary of Light was received in a dream to create music that would be very angelic and ethereal from start to finish. No rhythm or drums here. Just free-flowing harp melodies accompanied by strings, flutes, and assorted ethereal textures that take the listener thru different levels or spaces of soul illumination. It really is a journey that ends along the Shores of Eternity where the soul can bask in the divine light of spirit! 

Synchronistically the last track time is 4:44 which in numerology means the angels are with you! Something we need more than ever now!

Peter worked on this recording for over one year, and with no other musicians playing alongside on the record, it is a truly singular vision of what music is in his heart and soul. Peter plays acoustic and electric harps, keyboards, piano. You will also hear Native flute, recorder, chimes, bells, rainstick, Freenote chimes, sound effects, and vocals on the recording.

Sanctuary of Light  composed, performed and produced by Peter Sterling  all rights reserved Harp Magic Music

Sanctuary of Light composed, performed and produced by Peter Sterling all rights reserved Harp Magic Music

Peter Sterling

Award winning harpist

began to play after a series of life changing angelic encounter's in the canyons of Sedona in the early 1990's. His heart felt and celestial harp music has touched the hearts and souls of people world wide with many listeners reporting beautiful visions,angel encounters and even miraculous healing's while listening to Peter's heavenly music. During his 28 year career with the harp his recordings have been at the top of the radio charts and nominated for several awards. Recently Peter new album Magic Kingdom won a Global Music Award for Best Newage Album in 2018. His book "Hearing the Angels Sing" published by Light Technology Publishing, chronicles his 28 year journey as one of the angels harpists bringing the heavenly harmonics to earth during this time of rapid planetary transformation. Peter presents lectures and workshops on angels, creativity and the healing power of sound and music world wide. He resides in the red rock country of Sedona Az where he guides individuals and groups into the magic and mystery of the back country and sacred power spots.