"She is Everything", Why this project?

Once upon a time, walking used to be one of my most pleasurable moments. But today it is one of my most painful moments in life Walking over the cracking sound of suffering bees smelling the burning fires of the beautiful rainforests. The animal kingdom screaming out of SOS. We are humans, a bi-product of love and master creation of Divine how can we possibly allow this to happen? Awaken now the time has arrived. Regardless of color, religion or beliefs  Let’s all come together and raise our vibrations. Help our mother EARTH the only home to our own kind become whole again. She is everything we have! 

Melody Composed and performed by: Art Tawanghar
Cello: Roxane Genot


She is everything ft. Roxane Genot Cello Instrumental version

Roxane Genot

An Exquisite Artist fearless of pushing the edge

Roxane Genot is a classically-trained French session cellist based in Paris. While being active in the trailer music industry, her main interest and focus is turned towards video game original soundtracks. Among her most notable works are her cello parts in the video games Lyra, Stranded Deep, Exhalted 3rd Edition, Eitr and Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (for which she recorded as a soloist with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra). Roxane is also well-known for her recurring collaborations with English pianist TPR, with whom she recorded “Memories of Fantasies” (an album based on Final Fantasy soundtracks) and “Peaceful Days” (a collection of VGM covers from several video games). Celtic and medieval music being her massive source of influence and inspiration, Roxane is also known for writing and recording her own arrangements of video game and film music in this hybrid genre (some of which including her “Kingdom Dances” all-cello albums).

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Featuring sensational and deeply emotive, soulful vocals from singer Élan Noelle, and cello from Roxane Genot on a purely acoustic version, the project offers multiple takes of the composition, each one uniquely immersive in its own right, and each one prompting the listener to confront the reality of the situation in a rightfully unforgettable fashion.” - Rebecca Cullen



She Is Everything ft. Élan Noelle Powerhouse Vocalist- Words by: Art Tawanghar

Élan Noelle

Sound of Divine

Élan Noelle is an exceptional singer, songwriter and producer who has created a sound that is all her own.

Some of her major musical influences come from an eclectic list of artists such as, Earth Wind and Fire, Pat Metheny, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Kaskade and Teena Marie.  

As a  San Francisco CA native, Élan moved to Washington, D.C where she cultivated her musical talents.  At the tender age of five, Élan Noelle knew that she wanted to perform. Singing around the house and into any tape recorder she could find was the norm. Shortly after high school Élan started getting into her musical craft.  She would join other singing groups and perform in front of small audiences to get her feet wet. But, it wasn't until Élan received a Yamaha Keyboard from her dear mother, when her musical hobby transcended into a serious pursuit. She taught herself how to play the piano and then later purchased a sequencer and began creating music relentlessly.  "I would literally lock myself in a room and just create tracks. I was obsessed with it and I still am." 

This may be Élan Noelle's debut as a recording artist but she is no rookie to the craft. As the lead singer of a popular agency band, performing before large crowds is the norm.

Before breaking into her own, Élan performed with her  sisters in a R&B vocal trio known as Zephyra. Together, their accomplishments include, touring all over the East Coast appearing at venues such as, The Carter Baron, The Kennedy Center, opening for artists such as Brandy, Monica, Tony Rich, winning first place on the famous television show, Showtime at The Apollo and releasing an independent EP called "The Calm Before The Storm."

Recently, Élan Noelle performed live at The Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. twice as the opening act for Lyfe Jennings.   

In addition to film study in college, Élan studied musical theatre and acting. After receiving her bachelor's degree from Howard University, Élan continued her thespian studies at the Studio Theatre in Washington D.C. and completed the entire curriculum. 

As an actress, Élan has appeared in several television commercials, Netflix's House of Cards, and her highlighted stage performances include a one woman show as Billy Holiday in "Lady Day," and Lady Macbeth in "Macbeth".

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