Great Minds Drink Alike Country Maxi Single

New Release from SkyTone Entertainment recording artist Morgan Riley.
Morgan is featured here with new artist Trenton Etris on a song penned by Nashville songwriters Frank Green and Nita Graves (Green & Graves). “Great Minds Drink Alike” was produced by seasoned Nashville producer Frank Green and will be the first release from Morgan Riley’s NEW upcoming EP/Album!


With an unbiased passion for music  regardless of genre it’s clear that Skytone Entertainment artist Morgan Riley offers something new to country listeners. Her 1st album "Collage" is just that... A melting pot of genres with an ever-so- slight country dominance. While the road to this release hasn’t always been smooth, Riley has handled each curve with hope and exuberance – all the while finding her sound and writing to connect with her fans. “I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason – everything that’s happened throughout my life has led to my relationship with Skytone and the release of this album. Now with the Release of her New Maxi Single Great Minds Drink Alike from her upcoming EP/Album...Riley says, "I couldn’t be happier.
I am so blessed to have amazing parents, a supportive family and awesome friends and fans and the wonderful support of my label, SkyTone Entertainment. I love singing and I am so thankful God has given me this talent. I love sharing my music with you all! Thanks for listening and supporting the music! Love you all.” ✝❤

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Great Minds Drink Alike 
Morgan Riley (with Trenton Etris)
Writers: Frank Green, Nita Graves
Produced by Frank Green  
DigitalMaster Productions
Nashville © 2017 SkyTone Entertainment, LLC

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Nashville Recording Artist, DigitalMaster, Morgan Riley Greenville,
Great Minds Drink Alike, Pop Music, Country Pop Music, CMA,

Country, Country Pop, Country Pop Duet 
Acoustic Guitar, Electronic Keyboards, light piano,
duet, drums, filtered drum, light synth 

Rhythm& Tempo 
Mid tempo groove, 75 - 85 BPM 

Additional descriptors: 
Feel-Good, Human, Easy, Playful, Feel-good, 

Musical Development: 
Filtered drum intro with a piano groove riff with
light electric country pop feel 

Lyric description: 
A chance meeting of a man and a
woman in a bar while waiting for
someone else to show up that never does so they
contemplate how the night might end.