Sloane Skylar is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer from Chicago, Illinois. She became interested in music at an early age, standing in front of the television singing along to her favorite shows and movies, but her parents thought nothing of it. Years passed and at age nine, Sloane begged for a guitar, and began taking lessons. After only a year, she stopped taking lessons and continued by teaching herself by ear. Sloane kept her musical talent a secret for a long time. At age 11, she gathered enough courage to sing "Geek In Pink" by Jason Mraz, to her parents. Shocked by her talent, they encouraged her to pursue her dreams and let her make an account on YouTube. She made her YouTube debut in 2007. She posted videos of her singing popular songs, playing guitar, and goofy videos recorded on her webcam in her bedroom. The number of views on Sloane's videos began to rapidly increase, which was a surprise to her. She never expected that making videos, a fun hobby, would attract so much attention online. After a couple years of hard work, and 10,000 YouTube subscribers later, Sloane saved up enough money to buy herself a nice camera and recording equipment. She released many original songs and covers, one in particular caught producer Shawn Campbell's attention, the man behind teen sensation Cody Simpson's discovery and success. Shawn contacted Sloane to set up a call to talk about her future in the music industry. He showed her samples of many tracks he created, and Sloane signed her first production deal. Sloane's debut single “All The Above” was released on iTunes September 1st, 2011. After deciding to part ways to go a different direction with her music, she released many songs and worked with various producers such as Mark Yoshizumi, Vince Lawrence, Nelly ProToolz, and Dark Blue. Her sound has been described as "a stylistic hybrid of contemporary R&B and electro-pop music", influenced by artists such as Kehlani, JoJo, Jhené Aiko, Pia Mia, and Justin Bieber. She has performed in various venues in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, London, and has opened up for notable artists such as Shannon Curfman, Kid Rock's tour guitarist, and singer/songwriter Kiernan McMullen of American Cadence Records. She also collaborated on a music video with American Idol season seven contestant, Shaun Canon, singing "Fever" by Peggy Lee. In 2014, Sloane began studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA majoring in Music Business/Management. Sloane is currently working on her debut studio album at Plaid Dog Recording with producers Mike Davidson and Josh Mira. "Do You?", her single from the upcoming album, is available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify now.



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